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Fluted Tub Chair

Bespoke occasional fluted tub chair with fluted backrest detail finished with contrast piping; a unique statement to any space in your home. Expertly handcrafted to the finest detail in Cape Town. The tub chairs shown here are covered in a beautiful ivory linen look fabric from Hertex Fabrics. Available in leather on request.


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  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

Fluted Tub Chair Dimensions

Note: The chair above may not be the product on this page and is used for illustrative purposes only. There may be variations in dimensions of 1 – 2 cm.

This chair has been made to fit into a standard-sized door.

A – Overall Width
The length from outside arm to outside arm.

B – Overall Length
From the front-most point to the back-most point. Usually from the front of the seat cushion to the back-most part of the frame.

C – Overall Height
The measurement is from the floor to the top of the back cushion or frame (whichever is higher).
820mm sloping down gently to 750mm at the front

D – Seat Depth
The measurement from the front of the seat cushion (where the welt is) to the point where the back cushion starts.

E – Seat Width
The measurement of side-to-side seating space.
520mm at the front
460mm in the centre
410mm at the back

F – Seat Height
The measurement from the floor to the top welt of the seat cushion.

G – Seat Back Height

The measurement from the top of the seat to the top of the frame.

  1. Get to the stains quickly. As soon as a spill or stain occurs, get to cleaning it immediately. Waiting too long before treating a stain – even a matter of a few minutes – can cause the stain to set, making it harder to get out.
  2. If you opted for the MasterGuard Protective Spray for your rocking chair, don’t be complacent with stains. Whilst this doesn’t stop stains, it goes a long way towards offering additional protection – as long as spills are attending to immediately.
  3. Use a dry brush to remove loose particles. Go over the entire chair with a stiff brush with natural bristles to help loosen stains and bring dust and dirt to the surface.
  4. Vacuum. Before scrubbing and cleaning your chair, use a vacuum to remove any loose particles. This will make it easier to identify and focus on troublesome stains when it comes time to clean.
  5. Clean with baking soda. Baking soda isn’t just for baking – it’s also an effective cleaning treatment. In fact, sprinkling baking soda over the entire chair will help to remove odors and further loosen stains. You can also use a homemade baking soda solution for any areas of deep-set stains; in a bowl, mix together equal parts baking soda and water. For either the dry or wet solution, let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the baking soda has fully absorbed the stain, vacuum it up with a brush attachment. And as with all types of cleaning solutions, always spot treat a test portion of the sofa before cleaning it fully.
  6. Spot treat a dirty spot with Benzine, Vanish or any other clothing stain treatment detergent. If you are unsure if the product falls within the recommendations, test a small area for any discoloration before proceeding. Whether you use a water-based cleaner or a solvent (or both), follow the instructions on the packaging. If the instructions say it is safe to do so, use a soft cloth to wipe away the solution.
  7. If you own a wet and dry vacuum cleaner you will be able to deep clean your upholstered furniture as and when required. Use the recommended furniture shampoo that comes with your machine.
  8. If there are removable cushion covers, give them a hand wash with a mild detergent in cold water and hang dry them. Do not hang the covers in direct sunlight.
  9. Dry your chair with a soft towel. Pat down any wet areas with a dry towel to soak up the residual moisture. Gently brush off any remaining cleaning solution.
  10. Let your chair air dry out of direct sunlight during the day. If it’s not completely dry by night, let the upholstery air dry overnight, and enjoy a fresh chair in the morning!
  11. If you don’t own a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, It’s recommended that your chair should be professionally cleaned no less than once a year. In order to remove allergens, bacteria, and toxins, we recommend you clean your rocking chair every 6 months.

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