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Weighted Soother

The nutureOne™ Weighted Soother is for babies who struggle to settle. This product provides sensory input in the form of deep pressure which encourages calming and soothing and therefore aids sleep, once settled and sleeping you can gently remove it. For a more complete description and the amazing benefits of weighted soothers for your baby, please see below.


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The nurtureOne™ Weighted Soother can be placed on your baby to encourage him or her to calm and fall asleep. These are designed to provide deep touch input and prevent sleep disruption when an unexpected sound or movement causes a shock reflex (such as a startle / Moro). They also provide additional deep pressure input for those babies that require more proprioception to settle, calm and sleep. The nurtureOne™ weighted soother can be used in conjunction with the nurtureOne™ nesting cushion, to provide additional sensory input.

Our soothers are filled with micro-glass beads that resemble white sand or salt crystals in appearance. These glass beads are perfectly smooth, hypo-allergic, non-toxic, odourless, and environmentally friendly.


Which is the correct Weighted Soother for my baby?

  • 550 gram – for babies from newborn to 5 kg
  • 750 gram – for 5 kg +

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